Being organized makes homeschooling go so much smoother! On this page, you will find inspiration and ideas to organize your homeschool day, your curriculum, your materials, and more!




October Preschool / Kindergarten Planning

Take a look at this October kindergarten planning (also suitable for preschool planning). Includes links to activities, crafts, and recommended books to use with your young homeschooler!

The Most Important Part of Homeschooling

What would you say the most important part of homeschooling is? This article highlights the most critical (and sometimes overlooked) part of homeschooling.

September Preschool / Kindergarten Planning

Take a look at our September kindergarten planning for our homeschool (also suitable for preschool). Includes links to educational activities, crafts, and recommended books!

How to Prepare for Back-to-Homeschool

Even though we homeschool, back-to-school time is a special time for us too! There are some things we do during back-to-homeschool time. Check out our activities and traditions that make this time extra-special!

How to Create a Plant Unit Study for Homeschool

For our grade four science, I created my own plant unit study for our homeschool. From notebooking, to books, to field trip ideas… check out all of these educational (and fun) ideas!

What to Do When Your Child Hates Writing

My daughter hates writing. Every lesson used to begin and end with a fight. Check out these strategies I implemented in our homeschool to help her enjoy writing more.

This is Our Homeschool….

Children not only live here, but they also learn here. This is a glimpse of our homeschool and revelation I got from looking at our homeschool through a different lens.