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There’s no mistake… I love homeschool planning. I’m even known for making a retreat out of my planning times! I get a thrill from collecting ideas and then mapping them out on paper. I actually think I get more joy from the planning process than from the actual implementation (I’m sure there’s a personality test that would draw some conclusions about me based upon that statement).

I thought I would share how I organize my homeschool planning. Plus, I have a fabulous freebie for all of my fellow planners… but we’ll get to that later.

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How I organize my homeschool planning.

Before I start planning, I ensure I have an adequate amount of time to get most (if not all) of my planning done. Since we do year-round homeschooling, I do my planning in 4-week blocks. I can usually get the planning for 4 weeks done in 3-4 hours.

I also make sure to gather all of my planning materials. I do my planning at our kitchen table, as it is close to our cupboard of homeschooling supplies and textbooks.


The first thing I do is I reflect on the homeschooling goals that we made at the beginning of the year. Then, I take a look at our year’s objectives and see what we need to work on.

In my homeschool planner, I have quarterly objectives which I like to review, in addition to the provincial objectives for my girls’ schooling.

Quarterly homeschool plan.

Assess the objectives.

This quick look at the curriculum helps me see ways in which I can overlap my children’s curriculum. For instance, when we were rowing the book, Little Nino’s Pizzeria, I decided to cover fractions with my older child and focus on the letter “P” for my younger daughter. I make notes of any of these opportunities to take advantage of overlapping concepts.

Place curriculum into the schedule.

Next, I take out my planning sheets and I work subject by subject slotting curriculum and activities into every day. For example, I will plan all of the Language Arts curriculum for the full four weeks, then afterwards I will plan all of the math curriculum, and so on. I find planning this way to be much less overwhelming, as I only have the books and curriculum out for one subject at a time.

Take notes as you go along.

As I plan, I make notes of what I need to do, the books I will need, and the things I will need to buy/gather for the lessons. I made a planning sheet especially for this process which you can find in my subscriber’s library. I use one of these planning sheets for every week of planning.

Planning notes planning sheet - a free download for subscribers to Deliberate Homeschooling.

Planning Notes Planning Sheet

My weekly tasks.

Every Friday, I reflect on my planning notes sheet for the following week. I use the weekend to tackle the items I noted on the to-do list (gathering books, making photocopies, etc.), I pick up books from the library, and I purchase any of the supplies I may need.

My daily plan.

I wake up before my girls so that I have the time to nurture myself. I read my Bible, pray, eat, have a cup of coffee, and I may squeeze in a bit of time on the exercise bike.

My favourite part of my morning routine is making my daily plan. I use a planning sheet and set a top priority for the day. Then I schedule my essential tasks and document our menu. I even have a place where I write a scripture or an inspirational quote for the day.

Homeschool daily parent planner - available in the Deliberate Homeschooling Homeschool Planner.

This intentional daily planning time helps me focus for the day. I find when I skip this process my focus becomes scattered and the day ends up being more chaotic.

This sheet is laminated and I use a Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent Marker to fill in the blanks. To reuse, I simply wipe it clean with a wet cloth. I have two of these sheets laminated so there’s always a blank one in the rotation.

So this is how I stay organized with my homeschool planning!

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I want to share my planning tools with you! I have a 4-page basic homeschool planner that’s available to you, for FREE! The planner includes:

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How do you plan? Do you use a planner?


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