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Would you believe that before my first daughter was born, I owned over 120 children’s books?! As a former early childhood educator, I had a passion for collecting my favourite children’s books.

Obviously, I love picture books and I adore reading with my children. So, it may not come as a surprise that one of my favourite ways to teach my children is through literacy-based planning.

Today I would like to share how literacy-based planning works, give you an example of how I plan this way, and provide you with a FREE, printable, literacy-based planning sheet.

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What is literacy-based planning?

Literacy-based planning involves selecting a book and pulling out a variety of curriculum experiences by using the book as inspiration. The experiences often relate to different curriculum areas (i.e. mathematics, social studies, science, etc.).

I love the Five in a Row curriculum for this reason.

Five in a Row

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The Five in a Row program involves reading the same book five days in a row. Every day a variety of experiences are explored to further enrich the book and to explore various areas of the curriculum. The only problem with Five in a Row is that the majority of the books that are used in the curriculum are rare and therefore, hard to find.

However, as a former early childhood educator, I’ve been using this approach to teach children for years! Today I want to show you how easy it is to create a literacy-based curriculum around books that you already have available in your home!

How to do literacy-based planning

The first thing to do is select a book that you and your children enjoy. As you choose your book, think about the inspiration behind why you want to use that particular book. Is it seasonal? Is it a household favourite? Is it topical?

You also want to consider the curriculum opportunities that the book provides. Is there something mathematical that can be explored? What about social studies and science? You want to choose a book that has many opportunities to explore the different curriculum areas. High-quality children’s literature often lends itself to deeper themes and opportunities for exploration.

Next, you want to write out as many curriculum ideas as you can. My planning sheet includes the areas of:

  • Language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Other (health, life skills, field trips, etc.)

If you’re stumped for activities, you can research ideas on the internet and Pinterest.

If you would like an example of a complete literacy-based plan, I drafted a complete curriculum around the book, Pete’s a Pizza. The curriculum can be found in my first Books Alive post on The Deliberate Mom.

I have a FREE 2 page printable to help you through the process of literacy-based planning.

I love children's books. So it may not come as a surprise to you that one of my favourite curriculum planning methods is literacy-based planning. An example and free printable is included!

To get this printable, all you have to do is subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Once you do, you get exclusive access to this and various other free resources. Visit HERE to claim your free printable.

*Note: watermark is not on the downloadable copy.*


So what do you think of literacy-based planning? Have you tried it? Is it something you enjoy doing? Is it something you would like to try with your children?


*This post was previously published on The Deliberate Mom.*

Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly

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