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We have our favourite homeschool supplies and I’ve shared them here before. However, what I haven’t shared are some of our more unusual materials that I’ve come to love and depend on.

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World Scrunch Map

I know I’ve mentioned this before but I love our World Scrunch Map. It’s so portable that I can carry it in my pocket! We take it with us if we do a lesson outside or at the park. We use this map almost daily and it’s really durable!

We use many materials for homeschooling but here are 6 awesome but unusual homeschool supplies which you may not be using yet! Every homeschool should check out this post!

Mini Easels

Mini easels are a must-have in our homeschool space. I use them to display a featured book or to showcase a piece of art that the girls created. It seems like whenever I put something on an easel, it instantly draws the kids’ attention.

Plexiglass Picture Frames

I use plexiglass picture frames so that I can hang my children’s artwork at their eye-level. They are also great for displaying educational posters. Plus, I don’t need to worry about the glass breaking and hurting someone.

Mini Clipboards

I love clipboards. They allow us the opportunity to write wherever we are.

These mini clipboards are my favourite! I attached a pencil to each clipboard with a piece of string and I have small carabiner on the clipboards too so that the girls could clip them onto their belt loops if they need their hands to be free.

The clipboards are 6″ x 9″ and are lightweight because they’re made of acrylic.

We use many materials for homeschooling but here are 6 awesome but unusual homeschool supplies which you may not be using yet! Every homeschool should check out this post!

Magnetic Storage Pockets

These are AMAZING! I use these magnetic storage pockets to organize items for our whiteboard. One pocket holds all the whiteboard markers, one holds our magnetic letters, another holds random magnetic pieces. I have a spare one for when I make magnetic items for the board.

I usually only have one pouch out at a time.

Natural Items

I love the curiosity and joy that natural elements bring into our homeschool space. Whether it’s a handful of rocks, wood discs, a plate of sea shells, a bowl of pine corns, or a bouquet of flowers, I always like to have something from nature displayed in our homeschool.

The wonderful thing about natural items is you can get them for free! Simply go for a walk and bring a bag with you!

I may use the natural items as a provocation… for instance, the bouquet of sunflowers may be displayed with some other yellow objects. Or, I may use them as teaching tools. For instance, rocks are great manipulatives for sorting and math activities!


Do you have any unusual supplies that you use in your homeschool? I invite you to tell us all about it in the comment section, and then share this post with your homeschool communities.


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Jennifer Bly
Jennifer Bly
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