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Morning Time transformed our homeschool from mundane to inspired! Check out the contents of our April Morning Time Basket!

Over a year ago, I was frazzled and exhausted. Homeschool became a chore and felt uninspired. Through a series of perfectly aligned events, I stumbled upon the concept of Morning Time. Within days, our homeschool was transformed into a place of authentic learning experiences, rooted in relationship.

With spring on the horizon, I thought it was due time to refresh our Morning Time basket. Here’s what you will find in our basket for the month of April.

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The contents of our April Morning Time Basket


This month we are continuing our devotions from Grace for the Moment. It’s a beautiful devotional with many thought-provoking discussion questions.


This month’s basket includes seven weeks of pre-made Morning Time plans which were created by Pam Barnhill. Since we’ll be transitioning to our new grade levels in May, I thought these plans are a great way to bridge between grades. The time I’ve saved on planning can be used towards preparation for our upcoming “school year”.

Our read aloud book for this month is Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I love the Anne of Green Gables series and I’m so excited to share this classic with my girls!

I will also be using these gorgeous letter, picture, and word cards with my youngest daughter.

Our April Morning Time Basket includes this deluxe set of alphabet cards!


We will do a couple chapters from The Story of the World.

I love reading biographies to my girls. This month’s biography will be on Alexander Graham Bell.

Of course, our Scrunch Map is still in our basket. I love that map! It’s so handy!


My latest love is the Nature Anatomy book by Julia Rothman. This book is absolutely stunning! I actually bought the trilogy (which comes with 10 framable prints) for a great price from Amazon. I think it’s one of the best homeschool investments I’ve ever made!

We’re reading 2-3 pages a day from this book but we’ll also be using readings to launch us into further scientific investigations (nature walks, nature collection, etc.).


We will be starting the Classical Era studies in SQUILT (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time). We are also doing the SQUILT Lent musical calendar and working our way through the Meet the Instruments program.


There are oil pastels, chalk pastels, and watercolour paints in our morning basket. We’ll be doing a couple of Alisha Gratehouse’s online art lessons too. We’ve studied DaVinci and Rembrandt through her Mixing With the Masters class. We’ll be creating Monet-inspired artwork this month!


What books and materials are you reading and exploring with your children lately? Please take a few moments to comment below! I would love to hear from you!


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Morning Time transformed our homeschool from mundane to inspired! Check out the contents of our April Morning Time Basket!


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Jennifer Bly
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